Attendance Phone: 250-477-1855

If a student is to be absent for a legitimate reason a parent/guardian is expected to contact the school at the number above. A telephone answering machine is available 24 hours each day. If no call has been recorded, the school will contact the home number to verify an absence. All notes regarding absences should be given to the school office. Parents will be contacted if chronic absenteeism occurs.  Attendance is reported with each report card.


Being on time to class is the responsibility of every Gordon Head student. Students arriving late disturb class, feel left out and fall behind. A student arriving late to school must first report to the office to get a late slip before going to class. All lates are recorded and parents will be contacted if chronic lateness occurs.

School Work and Student Absence

When students are away due to illness, teachers should work with parents to adjust expectations with assignments. In the case of chronic health problems that show a pattern of absences, a counselor and/or administrator should be involved to develop a plan to keep the student on track. Long term illness may require the services of a homebound teacher or distance education. These services can be accessed with the help of a counselor or administrator. Although student absences due to vacations are discouraged, they are a reality and at times represent some very unique experiences for students. Although students can sometimes make up missed assignments with parental support, it is not as effective as being present for the lessons. Parents who plan to take their children out of school for a vacation are asked to please consult with the teacher or an administrator prior to departure.