PAC Executive

Executive Members:

Co-Chairs:  Sarah Ball and LaToya Sayles

Treasurer:  Tiffanie Hanoski
Secretary:  Tasha Diamant


Fundraising:  Sarah Ball

Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (VCPAC) Rep:  Vacant
Lunch Co-ordinator: Wendy Brouwer and Shannon Price

Member at Large:  Jennifer Pratt, Erin Paulson, Rae-Lynn Wiltshire

Non-Executive Members:

Hot Lunch Coordinator: Rei Stewart

Bingo Coordinator:  Vacant

Pancake Breakfast Coordinators:  Vacant

Coupon Sales Books – Vacant

Newsletter/Communications – Vacant

Playground replacement – Vacant

Staff Appreciation Lunch:  Vacant

Grade 8 Celebration Coordinator:  Vacant

Yearbook Coordinator:   Vacant

Emergency Prep: Vacant